Creating my Company website : Wix Vs WordPress

Before I go ahead and start contacting wholesalers, need to create a website for my company first. Since I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to creating a website, I best find something simple.

A simple google search brought me to this page : Wix vs WordPress – Our Detailed Comparison. Wix’s templates look really good to me, clean and simple. Look at this example.

It has less flexibilty than WordPress, but it’s great for a complete coding idiot like me 😀

Pricing for Wix looks decent too. US$16.17 per month for eCommerce plan. Comes with one year free domain name. All pricing plans here.

Next I wondered if I can change provider in future, so I did more digging and I found this link really helpful 😀

Other than Wix and WordPress, there’s still Squarespace and Weebly. A comparison of these four can be found here.

Comparing everything, I still think I prefer Wix for the simplicity.

Now my biggest problem is what products to display on the site. Since I sell at Amazon, I don’t really have specific “products”.

To get around it, I’ve decided to find some stock photos of generic products and put them on my site in an abstract manner.

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