Creating my Company website : Wix Vs WordPress – Part 2

Ok, so I thought Wix would be a great fit for my company website. Until I started playing around with it and realised alot of limitations.

I couldn’t even get the titles to display properly for my gallery. Extremely frustrating.

Decided to give WordPress a try, but basically, it’s hard to “try” out WordPress. The only way is to download it, install it on your computer and “trial” it out. At least that’s what I managed to find out from googling.

Anyhow, I decided to find some youtube videos on creating sites with WordPress and see how hard/easy it is.

To my surprise, ok, it’s not idiot proof, but it looks manageable. Hell, if I could manage accounting and setting up my own business, I’ll handle WordPress!

And I really really really liked the look of WordPress sites.

Next, finding a hosting company. Hostgator vs Bluehost. After some comparison, I decided that Hostgator would be a better fit, even though it seems to cost more than Bluehost by a bit. Here’s the comparison.

Can’t wait to get the site up and running!

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