Time spent working on the Business – June 2016

When I first started this business, I realized that I needed to track where my time is going. I’m constantly busy all the time, yet I can’t tell where my time went.

Time is money after all. In fact, time is > money 😉

This is a screen capture of the time I logged in June 2016.

This only accounts for the time I actually spent doing the business. Eg, If I were to go to the bathroom, I pause it.

This is not the most accurate of course. I don’t clock for the time when I check email on the go. Or when I suddenly have a great idea and start researching it on my phone. It’s too tedious to do that on a phone.

For those still undecided on whether this business is for you, maybe this will push you in either direction. Lolz.

2018 07 18

Grand total of 95 hours, 42 minutes and 18 seconds for 30 days.

Discounting the 18 seconds, we have a grand total of 5742 minutes. Making it an average of 191.4 minutes each day, translating into slightly more than 3 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Ultimately, I aim to reduce my overall working hours as the business stabilizes. Will also be doing outsourcing to VA.

All in due time 😉


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