Expansion – Merch by Amazon Part 1

We all know how important it is to have multiple streams of income. With that in mind, I applied for Merch by Amazon as an attempt to increase earnings.

I was finally approved in Sept. It was a pleasant surprise I got during my 4 weeks trip recently 😉

At this time, Merch by Amazon is available by invitation only.

What is Merch by Amazon?

Basically it is a program by Amazon where you can create and upload your artwork to be printed on tee shirts for sale.

Why use Merch?

No risk, no upfront cost. You supply the artwork, pick a tee shirt type and colors you want to sell your designs in.

If it sells, Amazon will take care of all the production, sales and shipping.

You will earn a royalty on every tee shirt sold on Merch. Royalty is based on the list price of the t-shirt. List price is set by you.

Do also note that most types of U.S. source income paid to a foreign person are subjected to a withholding tax of 30%, although a reduced rate or exemption may apply if stipulated in the applicable tax treaty.

For Singapore sellers like me, there is a 30% withholding tax on royalty. To know if this affects you, you have to login to your Merch account, and complete the tax information.

Getting started – Dashboard

This is what you see after you are logged in.

You will see your dashboard which shows your products, sales, etc.

This is also where you upload your finished artwork.

merch by amazon-01

Getting started – Company Profile

Click on “My Account”. You will need to fill in your details before you can start.

First, Company Profile. Some things to note below :

For Business Name : It should be the name of your company. If you have not established a separate company entity (corporation, etc), this can be your first and last name.

Country : Singapore is a supported country. Click on “Unsupported Countries” if you need more info.


Getting started – Banking Details

Next, add your banking details.


These are the informations you need to fill in.


I’m using both Payoneer and Worldfirst to receive my USD payments from Amazon. I’m using Payoneer in this example. So if you are using Payoneer like me, just login to your Payoneer account and you will find all the information you need under Global Payment Service. Refer below :

And if you have enjoyed reading my blogpost, I would appreciate if you decide to sign up for Payoneer using my affiliate link below;)



You should see the next screen after adding in your bank account details. Save and Continue, and you’re done!


Getting started – Tax Information

I have already completed my tax information prior to writing this blog. This is what you will see after you’ve completed your tax information.

Yup, for Singaporeans, we are subjected to 30% witholding tax. Ouch. Luckily this only applies to royalties from Merch and Kindle for example. Not my actual Amazon earnings!


Now you are ready to upload some artwork and sell some tee shirts!

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2 thoughts on “Expansion – Merch by Amazon Part 1

  1. M

    How long did it take for you to get your invitation after applying?

    1. Muse

      I had an invite code from a facebook group, hence it didn’t take me very long to get my Merch account approved.

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