Expansion to UK – Part 1 : VAT Application

Been racking my brains to increase my sales. I have two options, increase the number of SKUs I’m currently selling. Or expand to another market. I opted to expand my operations to UK.

Part 1 : Applying for VAT

I decided to outsource this part of the process. Why? I simply feel that it’s a headache I don’t need 😉 Time is money, and my time is better spent on other aspects of the business.

I decided to engage Simply VAT to do VAT registration on my behalf. You can email them for a quote for the countries you are interested in.

Once you accept their quote, they will send you forms to fill up. Print and fill up those forms. You will have to return them to UK via post.

They will start the registration once they receive your documents. It will take up to 6 weeks from this point onwards.

Also, during the application process, HMRC might ask for more information. This happened to me, so I have to fill up a simple questionnaire which according to Simply VAT, is pretty routine.

I got my VAT and EORI in about 6 weeks after Simply VAT file my registration.

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2 thoughts on “Expansion to UK – Part 1 : VAT Application

  1. kevin

    Hi Vanda,

    I got introduced to simplyvat by one of the My Silent Team community leaders. When simplyvat sent me their quote, I thought nothing of it, until I decided to check with a number of independent accountants around the UK just to make sure I was not being overcharged. I was horrified.

    Generally, most of the accountants with whom I enquired charge somewhere from 60~120 pounds to register; and about 100 pounds for each quarterly return. Meanwhile, simply VAT quoted me 375 pounds and 190 pounds respectively for the same services.

    Just for comparison, I would be very interested to know what simplyvat are planning to charge you for registration and quarterly lodgement of VAT returns.

    Many thanks.

    1. Muse


      Wow. I was quoted 375pounds for UK VAT registration. And another 350pounds for Yearly VAT return.

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