Expansion to UK – Part 2 : Interium VAT Payment

So, basically I’ve not even sold anything in UK, and I’m already due for a interium VAT payment of £900. Gee.

I’m under the annual accounting scheme. You can join the scheme if your estimated VAT taxable turnover is £1.35 million or less.

Under this scheme, I’m required to make advance VAT payments towards my VAT bill – based on my last return. Since I’m new to VAT, it’s an estimate based on my projected turnover when I submitted my VAT application.

Wished someone had told me that -.-

Anyway, when I submit my actual VAT return, I will either top up the difference between this advance payment, or apply for a refund if I’ve overpaid. Which, at this point, is definitely overpaid. But hopefully, it will be topping up the difference when it comes to the actual payment 😉

So to make payment using credit card, first go to https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/pay-online.

Select the tax

In this case, select VAT.


Payment Details

Enter your payment details. You should have received the relevant info from HMRC.


Choose Card Type

Take note that there is a fee to for using Credit card for payment.

And it’s cheaper to use a personal credit card, rather than a corporate one.


Confirm Amount

Confirm the amount and all the information. Make sure it’s correct.

I’m using a Visa credit card in this case. It’s a personal card. Fees are 0.415% in this case.

Click “Confirm” once you are done.


Key in Payment details

Key in your card details and your email address if you wish to get an email confirmation.

Click “Make Payment” to proceed.


Payment received

Next, you will come to this page. You have the option to either print the page or download the PDF.


And you’re done!

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