Amazon Sales and Profit – Oct 2016

Update on my sales for Oct 2016. So far, my best month to date, in terms of sales figures 😀 But unfortunatly, take note that sales figures can be misleading.

The FBA cost is more than Sept, probably because I started sending in more items for Q4. Also, I spent more on advertising.

Snapshot from Amazon Seller Central for the month of Oct below. All figures are in USD unless otherwise stated. Grand total of $8,239.57 product sales for the month of Oct 😉


My Amazon Payout : $5710.56 <— This is the amount I am credited after deducting all relevant fees. Noticed it’s less than Sept 🙁

COGS : $3,460.84 <— This my COGS. This includes the prep and shipping cost of each of the items from my wholesalers.

FBA Cost(Advertising cost, Shipping Cost to FBA Warehouses, Seller account subscription) = $518.88

Reimbursement : $302.18 <— This is usually reimbursement for stuff like warehouse damage, etc.

Refund : $227.96 <— Customer refunds.

Nett Profit = Payout – COGS – FBA cost – Refund + Reimbursement = $1,805.06

ROI : $1,805.06/($518.88+$3460.84) = 45.36%

I’m still not entirely sure how to account for refunds. To be accurate, will need find when the sales was made, and the amount I got, and minus off the amount I have to pay back to Amazon. That would meant that I have to trace each refund and account for it accordingly.

To make things simpler, I simply deduct the refunds off from the nett profit of the month the refund amount is taken from my account.

Sept Sales here.

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