Amazon Sales and Profit – Nov 2016

Update on my sales for Nov 2016. Once again, my best month to date, in terms of sales figures 😀 But unfortunatly, take note that sales figures can be misleading. Sometimes, it can feel like an uphill struggle to increase nett profit.

Snapshot from Amazon Seller Central for the month of Nov below. All figures are in USD unless otherwise stated. Grand total of $11,449.37 product sales for the month of Nov 😉

All thanks to Q4 and Cyber Monday! I had my best day on Cyber Monday, it was over 1K USD in sales!


My Amazon Payout : $7,777.19<— This is the amount I am credited after deducting all relevant fees.

COGS : $5,098.56 <— This my COGS. This also includes the prep and shipping cost of each of the items from my wholesalers.

FBA Cost(Advertising cost, Shipping Cost to FBA Warehouses, Seller account subscription) = $320.07

Reimbursement : $268.65 <— This is usually reimbursement for stuff like warehouse damage, etc.

Refund : $206.98 <— Customer refunds.

Nett Profit = Payout – COGS – FBA cost – Refund + Reimbursement = $2,420.23

ROI : $2,420.23/($320.07+$5,098.56) = 44.66%

Ouch, my ROI dropped. Though it’s just slight drop.

I’m still not entirely sure how to account for refunds. To be accurate, will need to find when the sales was made, and the amount I got, and minus off the amount I have to pay back to Amazon. That would meant that I have to trace each refund and account for it accordingly.

To make things simpler, I simply deduct the refunds off from the nett profit of the month the refund amount is taken from my account.

Oct Sales here.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Sales and Profit – Nov 2016

  1. Nina

    Hello. I’m from SG too, and I read your whole blog! It’s been very helpful for me to understand more about selling on Amazon. I’ve got a few questions to ask if you don’t mind.

    Currently, I only have an EIN number. Will probably register as a sole proprietor soon to do wholesale.

    1. Do you have to apply for a resale cert?
    2. When you communicate with the wholesalers, did you tell them that you are in Singapore and email them your business license?
    3. Was it easy for you to sign up with EZ Prep? What if I don’t have an Amazon account yet?

    Thank you!

    1. Muse

      Hi Nina,

      1. You don’t have to apply for one, but it will be useful to have one.
      2. Yes, I’m always upfront with them. It’s usually not an issue.
      3. Yup, you can just drop them an email to set up an account even if you don’t have an Amazon seller account yet.

      Hope this helps! Good luck 😉

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