Creating A New Listing Inside Amazon Seller Central Using “Add A Product”

To start selling, you need to create a new listing for your product.

There are a few ways you can do this. If your product already exist inside Amazon’s catalog, you can add your offer to the existing listing. Else, you will have to create a listing from scratch.

To add your offer to an existing listing, first go to “Inventory” -> Select “Add a Product”

Next, enter either the ASIN/UPC/EAN/ISBN to search within Amazon’s catalog.

I usually choose to use the ASIN for existing listing. ASIN is unique to each listing, UPC might not be unique.

The product you are searching for should show up as follow. Click on “Sell Yours” shown below.

I only sell “New” items.

Enter your “Seller SKU”. This is not compulsory, it will be generated for you by Amazon if you choose to leave it blank. I find it easier to name it after the manufacturer so I can easily search for it within my inventory.

Select “Condition”, be it “New” or otherwise.

Enter “Your Price”. Usually I will choose the price in the Buybox. If it’s the lowest price, you can click “Match Low Price” to propagate the price automatically.

To see the buybox price, click “(View amazon detail page) at the top of the listing.


It will open the Amazon sale page in another tab. This is the page that Amazon customers will see. Refer below. You can get the buybox price from there. It’s $4.49 in this case.


Choose your Fulfillment Channel. If you are sending your items into Amazon warehouse for fulfillment by Amazon, choose the second option.

Click “Save & Finish” when you are done.

Next, you will be requested to choose the barcode type.

I always choose Amazon barcode.

If you choose to use manufacturer barcode, your items will be comingled.

Click Save & Continue.

The next page will be the shipping plan page.

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