Creating A New Shipping Plan Inside Amazon Seller Central

Refer to this blog post for how to add a product.

Adding a new listing into a new shipping plan

This is the next step after you create a new listing into Seller Central from “Add A Product”.

  1. Create a new shipping plan or add to an existing shipping plan. We are going to create a new shipping plan.
  2. Choose your shipping address. This should be your prep company’s address, if you are located outside of the US like me. You can always choose to edit the ship from address by clicking “Ship from another address”
  3. Packing type. Unless you are ordering case-pack products from manufacturer, you should be choosing “Individual products”. Click on “What’s this?” if you need more info.
  4. Click “Continue to shipping plan” when you are done.

Add the quantity of that SKU that you are shipping in to Amazon in this shipping plan.

You can also rename your shipping plan here for easier identification.

Noticed that you can click “Continue”, but if you are using a prep company like I am, please don’t.

Your job is to create the shipping plan, add in your products and relevant quantity. Your prep company will do the rest from this point on.

Adding a new listing to an existing shipping plan

Instead of “Create a new shipping plan”, choose “Add to an existing shipping plan”

Click to choose an existing shipping plan.

Click “Add to shipping plan and continue”

Possible Issue You May Encounter

Information required : If you click on this tab, it will show you all the listings that requires more information.

Examples are :

Listings requiring dimensions : this will be filled up by your prep company, so ignore it.

“Action recommended” : This appears for slow moving inventory. If you are sure you want to send it in, just tick “I want to proceed with my shipment, and I understand that storage fees apply to inventory.” You will be able to fill in the quantity once you tick that.

Removal required : If you items appear here, it might be hazmat, or something Amazon does not allow you to send in for FBA. You will have to remove this item from the shipping plan. 

To be 100% safe for new items, always add the item to shipping plan, check the “Removal required” tab to ensure you can send it in.

I’ve been caught enough times for items that I thought should be safe to send in, but turns out I was wrong.

I ended up having to remove from shipping plan and merchant fulfill those instead.


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2 thoughts on “Creating A New Shipping Plan Inside Amazon Seller Central

  1. Eric Fam

    Hi Vanda,

    First of all, would like to congratulate you on your well written and comprehensive blog. I’m Eric, Singaporean as well. After reading through, it looks like running an Amazon FBA business from Singapore is quite complicated. So is it worthwhile to do it?

    And hope you can help me with this question, besides getting your supplies from the US wholesalers, do you think it is feasible to get from China suppliers or local, Singapore and Malaysia suppliers? What are the pros and cons?

    Best regards,

    1. Muse

      Hi Eric, Sorry for the late reply, was rather busy and have not been updating my blog.

      Running an Amazon FBA business from Singapore is indeed not easy, but I think it’s still worthwhile. US is a big market, and selling on Amazon gives you access to that market.

      I mostly get my goods from US suppliers, and I’m starting to look into Private Label from manufacturers in China. You can try that, it’s what a lot of sellers are doing.

      As for suppliers in Malaysia and Singapore, you will have to look into the profit after all the cost purchasing goods and shipping. Shipping to US from Singapore is extremely costly!

      Good Luck!

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